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Don't hurt me, <a href=steroids no more." width="300" height="225" />This week’s mashup combines a new favorite of mine with an old classic. Not only does 3OH!3′s “Don’t Trust Me” have some pretty slammin’ beats, it also degrades women AND Helen Keller. Everything a growing boy needs.

Haddaway’s “What is Love” is decidedly one of the most awesome 90′s club jams, spawning forth and even more amazing sketch series and film (which just so happens to be patterned after my life).

So grab some headphones and get ready to get your masochistic swerve on.

I’d Like One Toke by blakebuck

MEDIA LINK: http://www.blakebuck.com/media/PopChopper-DontTrustLove.mp3

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