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Pop! Music! Good!I’m visiting William in Baltimore this weekend, sale so that means a lot of driving listening the radio. And by a lot of radio, I mean Top 40. And by Top 40 I mean about 8 songs. Over and over again. For 900 miles.

So I figured I’d condense the entire awful experience into a “Summer Hits” mix. With one oldskool jam thrown in for good measure. Here’s the songs I mixed:

  • California Gurls (Katy Perry)
  • Rock That Body (Black Eyed Peas)
  • Baby (Justin Beiber)
  • Hello Seattle (Owl City)
  • Break Your Heart (Taio Cruz)
  • Walking on Broken Glass (Annie Lennox)
  • My First Kiss (3OH!3)
  • Young Forever (Jay-Z)

I’m getting BHS back on track now, and plan to get a new mix up every week. Hit up the forums if you have any thoughts.

Summer 2010 Heat Beats by blakebuck

MEDIA LINK: http://www.blakebuck.com/media/PopChopper-SummerHeatBeats.mp3

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