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Ted Stevens RIPLast week, case an unknowing longtime contributor to the Big Hot Sho passed away. Ted Stevens was many things to many people, seek a senator, seek an Alaskan patriot, and to some, a shady embezzler. But here at BHS, we’ll always remember Ted Stevens for his greatest contribution, the revolution of the internet.

During a daring speech in the summer of 2006, Stevens discovered that the internet was not just a big truck, but in fact a series of tubes.

In addition, I threw in some internet favorites like Punch Out, as well as some classic mashups I completely forgot to post many moons ago. Here’s the complete track list:

  • “The Internet” – Ted Stevens
  • “Whole Lotta Rosie” – AC/DC
  • “Right There, Ride on” – Hideki Naganuma
  • “Blinded by the Light” – Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
  • “Fight Theme” – Mike Tyson’s Punch Out
  • “Evil Woman” – Electric Light Orchestra
  • “OMG” – Usher ft. Wil.I.Am
  • “Bad Romance” – Lady Gaga
  • “Don’t Bring Me Down” – Electric Light Orchestra
  • “I See You Watching (TV Rock Remix)” – Tune Brothers
  • “Glamorous” – Fergie
  • “This Old Heart of Mine” – Isley Brothers
  • “Acceptable in the 80′s” – Calvin Harris

The Internet is Dead by blakebuck

Ted Stevens dies the week we’re finally setting up internet streaming of Big Hot Sho? Spooky…

Hit up the forums if you have any thoughts.

MEDIA LINK: http://www.blakebuck.com/media/PopChopper-TheInternetIsDead.mp3

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